In the Beginning

After starting his career as an Apprentice Diesel Fitter in 1991, Terry Wolff had successfully purchased a business he had been working for since 1998 by 2003. He had approached 24 banks in the process. The bank that approved the loan admitted at the time that they didn’t want to say yes, but couldn’t find a reason to say no. “Farm Rentals” employed 2 staff and had a fleet of 6.

In 2005, Terry purchased his first D11. It had already achieved over 67,000 hours and required a large amount of maintenance just to keep it operational.

At this point Terry and Wanda hadn’t yet met. During these years Wanda was pursuing her own interests which included completing a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Psychology) before commencing a career in property development and civil contracting.


Second D11 was purchased. Both machines were on dry hire at BMA Blackwater to a small earthmoving company. Wolff Group had two employees.

Around the same time Terry and a fellow business partner, individually, were hiring two tractors each. Over a coffee they agreed they could improve production more than the current small earthmoving company. They approached the owner, who eventually sold the contract they had with the mine to Terry. CQ Mining Contractors was formed with Terry and the business partner equally employing eleven staff.

CQ Mining received a BMA vendor number and won a 12 month Dozer Push contract requiring 4 D11's.


CQ Mining lost the BMA contract – the mine wanted one contractor for the whole of the mine operations.

Terry found work for his two Dozers at the New Hope Acland Mine.


Terry met Wanda. Wanda started working alongside Terry and was instrumental in the creation and implementation of the systems and controls required to set up the platform Wolff Group was able to launch from.

Within this time, CQ Mining was able to secure a contract with Wesfarmers Curragh Mine.


New major contracts with BMA, Yancoal and Wesfarmers Curragh followed.

Staff 22

Fleet 16

BMA contacted CQ Mining and asked to tender for the Dozer Push and road maintenance contract, by June they were awarded the contract.

During the GFC, Terry and Wanda struggled to raise the funds required to buy out their partner – but eventually they succeeded.

The current contract with BMA had only months to run and at the eleventh hour the bank insisted they provide evidence that the contract with Wesfarmers at Curragh had been extended.

Eventually the extension was signed and the finance arrangements were completed to buy out their partner.

Terry and Wanda now had a seven month contract that would take years to pay off. Their families and friends told them they were crazy. They worked day and night to prove everyone wrong. Terry did 3,000 hours operating dozers in the first two years and drove water trucks to fill in for crews. Wanda took care of every aspect of the office as well as helping out at the mine where she could.


Ongoing major contracts plus additional mining contracts with BMA.

Staff 58

Fleet 28


Ongoing major contracts plus additional mining contracts with Wesfarmers Curragh Mine.

Staff 130

Fleet 41


Ongoing major contracts throughout Central and South West Queensland; new major contract with Peabody Energy’s Coppabella Mine.

Staff 180

Fleet 59


Ongoing major contracts throughout Central and South West Queensland; new major contract with Peabody Energy contributing significantly to turnover.

Staff 210

Fleet 59


Ongoing major contracts throughout Central and South West Queensland; new blast hole drilling services contract entered into with Glencore at their Bulga Mine.

Staff 150

Fleet 50


Ongoing major contracts throughout Central and South West Queensland; new dozer push contract entered into with Peabody Energy at their Coppabella Mine, extension granted at BMA’s Saraji Mine.

Review of operations and pricing modules to continuously meet client requirements in current coal market.

Staff 130

Fleet 55


Wolff Mining enters 2016 owning one of the largest privately owned Dozer fleets in the southern hemisphere with offices and workshops in Central Queensland and a head office based in Toowoomba.

Inclusions to the current operations are two contracts for Blast Hole Drilling with Peabody Energy at Coppabella and Moorvale Mines.